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Tacori Engagement Rings

  • We have the largest collection of Tacori Engagement Rings Online including 3D Tacori Videos
  • As a Tacori Blue Diamond Partner we are proud to offer 2-3 weeks production on all orders!
  • Shop for Complete Tacori Engagement Rings that include the center diamond

tacori wedding rings

Can't wait the 2-3 weeks for your Tacori ring to be made? No Problem!

We have over 100 Tacori engagement rings in stock and ready to ship in 2-3 business days. View our in-stock Tacori collection

Tacori Cyber Monday Event - Nov 23rd thru 26th

Make a Tacori purchase between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Nov 23rd thru 26th) only, and receive a $100 gift card for every $1,000 you spend on Tacori!

In addition we will be donating 5% of all Tacori sales during this time to the American Red Cross to assist those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Help us give back to those in need on Long Island and in the NY area, which has been our home for over 100 years.

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Tacori Double Halo Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
18K White Gold $4,740.00
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Tacori Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
18K White Gold $3,390.00
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Tacori RoyalT Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Platinum $10,390.00
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Tacori Channel Set & Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
18K White Gold $3,950.00
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Tacori Halo Engagement Ring w/ Pave Set Diamonds
18K White Gold $2,840.00
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Tacori Engagement Ring with Pave-Set Diamonds
18K White Gold $4,510.00
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Tacori Gold RoyalT Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
18K Yellow Gold $10,390.00
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Tacori Pave Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
18K White Gold $6,160.00
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Tacori Solitaire Engagement Ring w/ Milgrain Edge
18K White Gold $1,300.00
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Tacori Full Bloom Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
18K White Gold $3,020.00
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Tacori RoyalT Twist Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
18K Yellow Gold $8,290.00
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Tacori Diamond Pave Engagement Ring
18K White Gold $1,580.00
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Tacori Rings by Style Number
10937 10943 2502 2502P 2502PR 2518RD 2525RD 2565RD 2565RDPK 2571RD 2573 2573PR 2576 2578RD 2578RDPK 2579EM 2584 2586 2598RD 2616 2616PRPK 2617PR 2617RD 2617RDPK 2618CU 2618PR 2618RD 2620PSP 2620RD 2620RDP 2620RDPPK 2621EC 2622PRP 2623RD 2623RDP 2625 2626 2627PR 2627RD 2628ECP 2628RDSP 2632RD 2635RD 2636PR 2636RD 2638 2638PRP 2639RDP 2640RD 2641CUP 2642RD 2643RD 2644RD 2645PR 2645RD 2645RDPK 264625RDC 2647RD 2650EC 2650MQ 2650OV 2650PR 2650PS 2650RD 2652RD 2654EC 2654MQ 2654OV 2654OVY 2654PS 2655EC 2655ECPK 2655MQ 2655MQY 2655OV 2658PR 2658RD 2658RDPK 2659OVY 2659PRPK 2659RD 2662CU 2662EM 2663CUPK 2663OV 2663PR 2663RDY 2668PS 2668RD 2669PR 2669RD 267015OV 267015RD 2671EC 2671OV 292PR 300-25RD8 300-2EC 300-2MQ 300-2RD 3001 3002 3005 303-25PR5 303-25PR6 303-25RD 303-25RD6 304-25RD65 305-25PR55 305-25RD65 306-25PR55 306-25PR65 306-25RD65 306-25RD8 312RD 32PR 3325RD 332RD 333RD 34RD 35-25PR 35PR 36-2RD 372CU 372PR 372RD 3825PR 38CU 38RD 392RD 39CU 4015RD 41-15RD 41-25RD 41-3RD 4315RD 4415RD 45-25PR 4515PR 46-25RD 46-2RDPK 462RD 463RD 472RD 48PR 48RD 49PR 49RD 50PR 50RD 51PR 52PR 52RD 53RD 54-2RD 542CU 55-2CUPK 55-2PR 552CU 552RD 57-2RD 572CU 582 592RD HT2198 HT2229A HT2258 HT2264 HT2265A HT2273 HT2273SOL HT2326 HT2326SOL HT2430 HT2510 HT2510PR HT2511A HT2512 HT2513PR HT2513RD HT2513RDY HT2516RD HT2517EC HT2518OV HT2520RD HT2521RD HT2522CU HT2522PR HT2522RD HT2523PR HT2524CU HT2525RD HT2527EC HT2528CU HT2528PR HT2528RD HT254515EC HT254515OV HT254515PR HT254515RD HT254525EC HT254525OV HT254525PR HT254525RD HT2545EC HT2545OV HT2545PR HT2545RD HT2545RDY HT254615PR HT254615RD HT254625PR HT254625RD HT2546OV HT2546RD HT254715CU HT254715OV HT254715PR HT254715RD HT254725CU HT254725OV HT254725PR HT254725RD HT2547CU HT2547OV HT2547PR HT2547RD HT2547RDY HT2548CU HT2548PR HT2548RD HT2549CU HT2549PR HT2549RD HT2550CU HT2550OV HT2550PR HT2550RD HT2551CU HT2553EC HT2553OV HT2553PR HT2553RD HT2555RD HT2558EC HT2558OV HT2558PR HT2558RD HT2559EC HT2559ECPK HT2559OV HT2559PR HT2559PR HT2559RD HT2559RDY HT2560CU HT2560CUPK HT2560OVY HT2560PR HT2560RD HT2563RD HT2564RD HT2567RD HT2568RD HT2569RD HT2570RD HT2571CU HT2571OV HT2571RD HT2575RDMQ HT2575RDOV HT2575RDPS HT2576RDMQ HT2576RDOV HT2576RDPS HT2577RDMQ HT2602PR HT2602RD HT2603RD HT2604PR HT2604RD HT2605PR HT2605RD HT2606PR HT2606RD HT2607PR HT2607RD HT2607RD9Y HT2609RD HT2614EC HT2614RD HT2614RD HT2623EC HT2623OV HT2623PR HT2623RD HT2624CU HT2624EC HT2624PR HT2624RD HT2625 HT2625PR9 HT2625RD10 HT2625RD9Y HT2626EC10X8 HT2626OV10X85 HT2626PR75 HT2626PR75Y HT2626RD10 HT2627EC10X8 HT2628OV HT2628RD HT2657OV HT2657PR HT2657RD HT2671RD HT2672RD HT2673OV HT2674RD HT2676RD HT2676RD P100OV P100PR P100RD P101CU P101RD P102OV P102PR P102RD P103CU P103EC P103OV P103PR P103PS P103RD P104OV P104PR P104RD P105OV P105PR P105RD


Tacori Engagement Rings
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