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Many websites claim to have coupons and discount codes, but the truth is does not offer traditional coupons or discount codes that can be found on affiliate websites*.

Our goal is to provide the absolute highest quality diamonds and engagement rings at the lowest possible price every single day, while offering the highest level of customer service. This includes our entire line of engagement rings, including designer engagement rings like Tacori, Scott Kay, Verragio, Martin Flyer, Henri Daussi and more. does offer the following discounts and coupons for our customers.  Please contact us for more information.

Military Engagement Ring Discounts is proud to offer an exclusive discount to our friends in the military. We currently offer a 5% discount off the cost of your purchase up to $10,000.  Learn more about military engagement rings

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* Affiliate websites are those that post a link to your website and in return for doing so, the company will pay the affiliate a commission based on the sale of the item. believes in offering the lowest price every single day and eliminating the middle man in order to provide the lowest prices.


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