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Create Your Own Eternity Band

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Create your own diamond eternity ring by choosing the diamond shape, size, color, clarity, metal type, style and finger size. Eternity Rings are available in either Platinum & White Gold.

You will only pay for the exact number of stones required to build your custom ring, so watch the price change as you select your ring's characteristics, including the finger size.

View a RealHD video of your desired eternity ring. Simply chose the characteristics you are interested in and click the View in Real HD button and you will see a video of that exact ring
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Platinum & White Gold Eternity Bands

Eternity RingsDiamond eternity rings are often purchased as a wedding ring, or anniversary gift, and feature diamonds of the same shape, size and quality in a continuous single row around the finger. Eternity bands are simplistic, elegant, and can be worn alone or as a great compliment to an engagement ring.

When choosing an eternity band, you will want to consider each diamond's cut, size,color, and clarity—and make sure that it compliments any other ring you may be wearing with it. Each ring is made using a shared prong settings with either an open gallery or U prong style. These two styles look identical from the top, but from the side they each have their own distinctive look.

The Custom Eternity Ring Builder at truly unique. We are the only website able to offer you the opportunity to create your own custom eternity ring. You only pay for the exact number of stones used based on your finger size. Why pay the cost for 10 diamonds if it only takes 8 to build your ring?


Each diamond shape affects the look of the band differently offering its own unique characteristics. All of our eternity rings feature diamonds cut to ideal proportions for each given shape.

Round Brilliant cut eternity rings - As the most researched and sought after diamond shape today, round diamonds are known for their brilliant and fiery appearance.

Princess cut eternity rings - This is the most popular of the fancy shape diamonds on the market.  It is faceted somewhat like the round brilliant cut diamond to enhance its brilliance,  features uniquely pointed corners and is usually cut square but sometimes will be cut rectangular. Unless requested otherwise, princess cut diamonds ordered on will come in the more popular square shape.

Radiant cut eternity rings - Similar in shape and faceting to the princess cut but with cut corners rather than pointed ones.  Like the princess cut radiant cuts also is cut both square in shape and rectangular. Radiant cut eternity rings from feature the more rectangular shape, with a length to width ratio of approximately 1.30:1.

Emerald cut eternity rings - Classic and elegant, this rectangular diamond with cut corners is known for its clean lines and step cut facets. It does not have the brilliance created by the faceting of the round, princess or radiant cut diamonds, but offers an understated elegant look, making it a very popular choice. Emerald cut eternity rings from feature the more rectangular shape, with a length to width ratio of approximately 1.30:1.

Asscher cut eternity rings - Classic and elegant the asscher cut is similar to the emerald cut except it is square in shape, with sligthtly more specfic proportions.  Like the emerald cut; it also has cut corners.

Eternity Rings - Try Before You Buy

We realize it isn’t always easy to decide which eternity ring diamond size and style one may like best. This is why we offer our customers the option to have one or more sample eternity rings sent to you, along with a pre-paid return label, so that you can decide which combination will work best for you. 

These sample rings are made in white gold with cz’s, rather than diamonds, allowing us to authorize your credit card for just $750. Once the ring is returned to us we simply reverse the temporary charge with no charge to the customer.

Eternity Rings Sample Request

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I got this eternity ring for my wife for our anniversary. She had asked for an eternity ring for a long time to celebrate our time together and our two children. She is the most amazing woman, and completely deserves this wonder peice. Thanks Since1910!
- July 2012
The try before you buy worked so well, we were able to avoid making any mistakes! The resulting ring is every bit as beautiful as it says if not more!
- July 2012
I was a little intimidated when I had to decide between the different shapes and sizes of the ring, but the process made it easy to see the results and pick the best style for my wife. The ring is amazing.
- July 2012
My hubby got this for me for 10 years together. I was shocked, having never really looked at an eternity band before. It was the most impressive gift I have ever received, and it is by far the most beautiful piece of jewelry I have personally seen
- July 2012